New Market

New Market in central Kolkata is one of the earliest English quarters of the city. The colourful bazaar seems to be a must visit for every tourist. Enjoy local chai and street food while bargaining for any kind of goods.

New Market, Calcutta 1945

Beside all these fancy fashion and souvenir stores, there is a daily food market. Meat, veggies and fruits are sold until about 11 am every morning. Especially at the meat market, you will hardly find any tourists. I spent 3 full days there and I was incredibly welcomed by the locals. I respect and understand that not everyone agreed taking pictures of the slaughtering.

Hygiene practices are pretty poor, no protective shoes or gloves, massive heat, increasing the risk of transmitting diseases. Workers spend many hours here from very early in the morning to early afternoon, they also smoke, eat and sleep next to their slaughter place. Most butcherers are young boys who are taking over their uncles or fathers business.

Check out the full meat market project gallery called Blood Rush.

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