Sometimes I take cold showers – like I choose destinations which are not 100% in my comfort zone. I focus on people’s living and working conditions, as well as environmental issues and abandoned places. I zoom into unseen worlds and freeze them with a photograph.

My name is Reto Vollenweider and I’m a swiss documentary photographer. I was born in 1983 and grew up in Zurich, Paris and Aarau (Switzerland). Before I studied computer science in 2009 I did loads of graphic design, layout, 3d modelling and image processing. In parallel I deepened in digital and painted abstract art, what I still love doing. Thus combining art and photography was  just aftermath for me.


  • Photojournalism & Reportages
  • Travel & Street photography
  • Unique Art Prints & Framing


If you are a looking for a photojournalist for an off the beaten track area or another special topic, I am your photographer to choose!

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