Clay Processing

Have a glimpse into the daily work of my friend at the Kumartuli quarter in northern Kolkata. He is making some decorative clay pieces for the Durga Puja festival which takes place every October. His […]


Dhapa is a massive hill made from garbage outside Kolkata, Rajabazar area. A local journalist told me that you can just walk up the dump yard, but there will be “security” sometimes. I read many […]

One Chance

As a journalist and photographer you are lucky when you get one chance. Depending on topic and conditions, there is even none. Endless talks, persuasion and permits are not unusual to gain access. These hurdles […]

Extreme Temperatures

From deep Alaskanian winters below -38°C up to extreme heat over 43°C in eastern India – cameras are not made for this. Here you find some tips on how your gear survives and you still […]

Kitimat -38°C

It turned minus 38 degrees Celsius when I left Kitimat-Stikine on Feb 9th 2019. The district is located in British Columbia along the Canadian border to Alaska. In these northern latitudes people often originate from […]