Bata in Kok Boru

Before every Kok Boru game a goat is killed. Traditionally seven riders come to the house of the game’s host, the man who offers the Ulak (the goat). At his house the riders will perform […]

Aalam Ordo

There are ashrams in India and cultural centres for spiritual research in America and Russia, but there is no centre in the world that combines both, spirituality and science. Tashkul Kereksisov Along the southern border […]

Back in Bishkek

Oh Bishkek! It’s been a while. Glad to be back! 2015 was my last visit to Kyrgyzstan’s capital. Looks like many things changed during the past five years. French Cafés, KFC, vegan burgers, fancy to-go […]

Life in Isolation

Since a few weeks many of us are living in isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For a few, nothing changes. They’ve chosen a life in isolation years ago already. Like Giulio, a goatherd living […]

Understanding Hinduism

Hands of god Shiva, the destroyer, represented as Trimurti (with three faces). Shiva is not merely a destroyer but performs the functions of creator, preserver, and destroyer, while also performing blessings upon worshipers. Shiva is […]

The Doms

Traditionally only low-caste Hindu make business with burnings and touch dead body parts. A funeral is the only moment, when the so called Doms, the untouchables and guardians of the dead, have all the power […]


The series about recycling factories in Kolkata is exhibited at PHOTO20 in Zürich in January 2020. The photo story covers factory workers from the slums Cossipore, Topsia and Dhapa. See you there!


Like Dhapa, the muslim quarter Topsia is located in the East of Kolkata. It reminds a bit of the Middle East why I was fascinated by this spot immediately. The biggest goat market of West […]

New Market

New Market in central Kolkata is one of the earliest English quarters of the city. The colourful bazaar seems to be a must visit for every tourist. Enjoy local chai and street food while bargaining […]